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Q & A Date: Jan 28th @ 12:19pm EST
Some FAQs and upcoming stuff Date: Jul 27th @ 6:30pm EDT
SO I wanted to cover a few questions I have been getting often lately and I also wanted to give you guys a headsup on what's going on here with me.

First question is "Do you work in a studio?" and the answer is: Nope. You guys are visiting me while i'm at home, either in my living room, my very own shower, or my bed. I do cam on this site under a studio but I do not broadcast from some building they have set up for me.

The second one is "What is your major?" and the answer is: I'm a human geography major with a sociology miner (I don't know if the filters like the real spelling). I Picked the sociology up recently as a way to fill some credits this next semester.

That leads into what's coming up soon for me. I have one month of summer break left then it's onto my second to last semester! woohoo! This next semester i'll be covering sociology credits I need and taking on a research project (I don't know the topic yet but it will be something I can cover in a semester length of time). With that starting back up again soon cam times may be changing. My schedule is far more lenient this next semester however so I hope to be on cam just as much as I have been including very late nights and some afternoons!
Time and time again Date: Jul 17th @ 9:58pm EDT
So this blog i'd like to address time. The time I spend on cam, the times I choose to come on, the time I stay on for and things like that.
I get on cam at times during the day or evening when I feel that there will be enough people here to make my time spent worthwhile. I consider having people in the room talking, time spent in shows, or just seeing new names pop up time well spent. These times I choose to be on are flexible and I really encourage you to give me a reason to be on at different times! I don't want to miss anyone and if I can adjust my times i'd be glad to.
Now for length of time spent on cam. I stay usually until either other things come up (dinner a lot of the time) or I feel the room has slowed down to the point where it's time to say goodnight. If the insults or begging outweigh the credits it's usually time to call it a night. So once again, if you want me on past a certain point, would like to see me stay an extra hour..let's make a date! Just let me know and I can probably do it. I have spent long days on cam before and have no problem with it as long as it seems like there are plenty of you guys on here hanging out with me!
Instagram, twitter, and social media Date: Jun 25th @ 7:41pm EDT
Over the past couple years the site (flirt4free) has been pushing hard on having us create twitter and instagram accounts so you as members can tweet us, be informed, and just otherwise have another method of contacting us or seeing when we will be online. I have a twitter (@WillRyan13) that I really encourage everyone to follow me on as it's a reliable way to not only contact me but get a good idea of when exactly i'll be online. If I have technical problems or anything goes on i'll usually tweet about it to keep everyone up to date. Instagram is the other social media platform they have recently been encouraging us to use. Instagram, for those of you who may not know, is a place to post pictures. It's just an online photo album that you would be able to see, favorite, and comment on. This is something I don't have and I guess I wanted to explain why not. Instagram sort of ruins the point of having a fanclub. My fanclub is full of pictures and videos that are exclusive to fans and I feel that having an instagram would erode interest in ever really being part of the fanclub for the picture aspect. I know I could load it with non-nude photos that aren't going to the fanclub but my fanclub IS my instagram for that purpose. SO for those of you asking if I have one of those..I sort of do! It's my fanclub that you can join for 200 credits a month OR tip me 50 credits and you can have access for a week.
Typing, talking, and everything else Date: Jun 17th @ 9:25pm EDT
I recently added a little room receptionist (or auto-greeter) into the room and have been pretty pleased with the results! For those of you who haven't been in the room lately i'll fill you in. For the last couple years on cam I have noticed that many people come in, talk, then leave as if I never said a word to them. I sorted it down to being one of two things: I was being ignored OR they needed me to type for them. SO the room receptionist now says "If you need me to type, let me know!" and it has been working, sort of. I still get just as many people who come in and leave without a word or act like i'm ignoring them but I have many more people who come in and let me know I need to type for them. If you're reading this and visit other rooms and need to be typed for...let the model know! It's easy and will help us communicate better with you. I'm more than happy to type or talk. I just usually defer to talking as I assume most people come to the site with sound on. Anyways, I am super happy it's working and hope that it continues to garner results in the future :)
A blog about blogs Date: May 29th @ 7:13pm EDT
This is a blog about blogging.

I blog to get a score to my power score and let those few of you who read this know what is going on. I want to blog about things that have some sort of meaning. I could just copy and paste something meaningless or fill this with two hundred of the same word over and over and hope that I still get that boost out of it. So with that being said i'd like to hear back from YOU the blog readers on what exactly I should blog about. I won't be announcing this in the room or anything as I want to make sure only the blog readers are giving me feed back. As for blogging criteria I would like it to be something I would not normally go over in the room and it has to be something I can at the very least say two hundred words about. So either send me a message here OR tweet me on twitter with your blog ideas. I want it to be something you WANT to read. I have to try and do one once a week so you can take your time with coming up with ideas. Hopefully this will be a way to grab more people's attention and make blogging something I can habitually do.

also Hi Mike.
Summer time! Date: May 21st @ 7:52pm EDT
It's blog time! I wanted to let everyone know what summer was going to look like for me. BY everyone I just mean the 3 of you who read whatever crap I throw into a blog post. Summer is officially here! I ended my semester with a 3.17 grade point and am ready to unwind a little. I started off sick (as you're all probably aware) but now that i'm getting better I wanted to start changing the schedule up a bit. I will be maintaining normal times in the evening most of the time(6:00 pm central to 9pm central give or take) but i'd also like to throw in some late nights over the weekend and MAYBE morning times. I'd love to see some messages from you guys about morning times or early afternoon times or days that I would see you online. I can make anything work if I see that enough people will be there so I won't be sitting on cam all alone. I'll be playing with times in the coming weeks and nail down something that could be consistent and something that could spill over into next semester.
April/May Raffle Date: Apr 27th @ 7:36pm EDT
This raffle is running now through May 8th 2015!

The tickets are 100 credits each, get as many as you'd like! Flood me with 250 credits for 3 tickets!

Just tips me the credits and let me know you'd like a ticket for them.

The prizes will be drawn May 8th and include two winners: The first is a year of fanclub, the second is a 40 minute private with me!

The weekend of the 2nd and the 3rd I will be offering DOUBLE tickets for offline tips!
Raffles and stuff Date: Apr 22nd @ 8:04pm EDT
I want to blog about two things here. First off I want to talk a little about the computer goal I have under my "tip targets" on my profile. Any credits given towards that will help me towards my goal of a new laptop. My current laptop has had some difficulties pretty much since I have gotten it and I set that goal up as sort of fall back in case this computer just quits on me. Just thought I should explain that a little. Second thing i'd like to talk about is an upcoming raffle! I have really liked the raffles we have done in the past and would like to do another one with a couple big things to win. It will run Monday the 27th through Friday the 8th. Tickets will be 100 credits a piece and you can get as many as you desire and have the credits for. I will be drawing for a 40 minute private AND a one year fan club membership! I MAY consider adding a third prize if we have a lot of participants. A third prize could be something along the lines of private time, fan club time, or maybe some VOD access. The last day of the raffle(I believe) will fall on a 10k goal day which means you can save some credits for me on that day and still get a bunch of tickets before the drawing that evening!
School stuff Date: Apr 13th @ 7:33pm EDT
I need to do another blog and I figured I could blog about some of the stuff happening with me at school. Most of you know (or I would hope you do) that i'm in college. I should be graduating in a year so that would be spring of 2016. Due to how they schedule certain classes on campus the semester between now and then is sort of a 'dead' semester for me. There are no required courses that I can take for my major. After discussing it with my adviser we came up with kind of a cool way to use next semester. I'll be picking up a sociology miner(misspelled I know). This means I need two sociology classes next semester and i'll have it! Works out well for me as I don't have to waste a semester and I get a little something extra to add to my degree. Overall sociology isn't anything I ever planned on pursuing but in my freshman and sophomore years I had taken a few sociology courses (I don't even remember what had made me do that) so I was just two classes short of attaining it. It will look good next to my Human Geography major and hopefully make me more marketable for the future.

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